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Custom Favor Boxes

Customized favor boxes are used for a unique expression of love, gratitude or affection towards relatives, friends and family. These boxes can be given out on many different occasions such as charity dinners, baby showers, birthdays, Christmas , wedding etc. packaging the exciting and delicious party favors, sweets, candies or other delights. Custom made favor boxes possess a capability of dimensional customization according to your demands and requirements. Custom boxes inc. can print these distinctive boxes to match the theme of your event, to present them as give away to your guests on the occasion. We will customize them in accordance with your exact demands and requirements so that you get to excite and entertain your guests in a warm and memorable manner. Custom Printed Favor boxes heighten and excite the event or occasion. You can have them thematically and inspiration-ally printed parallel to the occasion. You can have them in various die-cut shapes such as heart, oval or many other shapes with intricate design patterns. The addition of embellishments such as ribbons, bows, handles, beads etc. and striking and vibrant color schemes to custom made favor boxes increase the excitement and interest in the event, manifolds. Guests will feel valued and honored by this gesture of giving away favors in these personalized boxes. Different kinds of sweet delights like chocolates, cup cakes, candies and other sweet treats can be packaged in these boxes for giving away. Wholesale favor boxes can be used to package various other things besides eatables. Custom Boxes Inc. understands all your packaging needs. We provide you with the exceptional wholesale favor boxes which are available at wholesale rates. If you need bulk favor boxes, we provide you with a special discounted price. We have a team of creative and professional designers which provide you with unique designs free of cost. We offer free shipping across U.S.A. and Canada with the fastest turnaround time.
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