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Custom Shirt Packaging Boxes

The shirts are the most famous and wanted category of the apparel and most of the designer branded shirts are presented for buying in captivating custom printed shirt boxes. Generally, these boxes come with the plastic or silicone window which serves the function of showing off the shirt for closer examination by the customers. This exhibits the qualities like color, fabric, stitching, etc. of the shirt to the customers and helps them in making their buying decision, accordingly. As these boxes come in close contact with the customers and the products are presented in these boxes, their quality and designing play a crucial role in the sale of the shirts. Custom Boxes Inc offer the best quality of custom made shirt boxes which allow you to exhibit your designer shirts in a fashionable, trendy and glamorous way. We offer a complete range of customization options which can be done in accordance with your product specifications. Most commonly customized shirt boxes are manufactured from the cardboard or kraft materials due to their flexibility and versatility. These materials can be crafted into the boxes according to the size and shape of the shirt. The designer brands have their custom shirt boxes printed with their brand logo and color schemes to promote their brand image. Usage of thematic and inspirational designs is becoming noteworthy and laudable among the wider audience. This does all the marketing and promotion of the business without squandering your budget. The addition of other attractive and enhancing customizations like handles, windows, gloss or matte finish further develops the worth of your brand and make the products more noticeable. To embellish the boxes with numerous eye-catching decorative items like ribbons, bows, paper flowers etc. are also in fashion. In this way these boxes can also be used as gift boxes for presenting the shirts as gifts to your friends and family on special occasions or events. Depending on the gender, the customized shirt boxes can be modified accordingly. Custom Boxes Inc gives you the best opportunity to have the exciting and brilliant bulk wholesale shirt boxes printed according to your required dimensions at wholesale rates.
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