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    Designed to be convenient, easy to fill & extract, and display well, we’re your one-stop packaging and printing solutions. Showcase your playing cards at retail shelves with custom printed playing card boxes from Custom Boxes Inc. Whether you want a single custom playing card box or need personalized boxes in bulk quantity! Find the exact quantity of your choices with our help. Create handy customized playing card boxes with our assistance always allow you to keep your playing cards together in an organized manner, without getting them to fold or bend. Lamination and various finishes are available to give a shielding layer to boxes that prevent the inside poker cards from warping, scrapes, or rubbing, and keep the printing quality. Choice is yours! Skill is ours! This is how you can create the most appropriate boxes for your playing cards with us that hold between 18 to 54 cards depending on the paper weight and game type. We believe in convenient, professional, and appealing custom playing card boxes that serve your brand and delight your customers.

    Playing Card Boxes


    Offered in all custom shapes and sizes

    Paper Stock

    14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S


    Digital, Offset and Screen Printing


    Matte, Glossy, Spot UV, Aqueous Coating and Embossing, Debossing


    Flaps, Ribbons, thread handles, gold foiling, silver foiling


    Short run and Bulk orders are accepted


    Upsurge Brand Loyalty Among Players with Custom Designed Playing Card Boxes that Fortify your Brand Identity Among Masses

    As a card game seller, you make different playing cards for kids, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and boomers with the purpose of enhancing their mental & memory skills, remove boredom, as well as strengthening family ties. Due to huge saturation in the market, it becomes your wonder how to pop up your playing cards on fully loaded racks. And it’s only possible if you play your cards right. And what’s the right card to make this happen? The simple answer is the custom printed playing card boxes. These boxes printed with vibrant images are the most effective way to not only impress kids but also vanish the confusion of parents that their children have playing cards that will better enhance their skills & remove boredom. To enhance the image of your brand, communicate more clearly, and create a long-lasting connection with customers, present your card games in attractively yet elegantly designed playing card packaging boxes that will make the true face of your brand. The more attractive & appealing playing card packaging box design you create with us to package your playing cards is, the more the chances are the kids inforce their parents to buy one from you. Along with influencing the attention of kids, the signature customized playing card boxes we create as your packaging partner will satisfy parents that they buy something that will build the strength, confidence, and creativity of their kids. Also, choosing innovatively designed custom playing card boxes from Custom Boxes Inc. help you make your game cards to be top of the line, that potential customers will remember for many years to come.

    Work with us to get customized playing card packaging boxes to effectively advertise or promote your poker cards, blackjack cards, solitaire cards, or UNO cards that are completely subjective & depend on each person’s likes. To promote your brand, consider custom playing card book boxes with magnetic closure to not only enclose your tarot cards efficaciously that prevent crumpling yet bending but also make them look more luxurious & high-end. For inducing glam, present your poker cards in custom designed lux boxes to find a look & feel that is not only pleasing but adds perceived value to inside cards. Make players a true fan of your brand by designing playing card boxes in drawer style to give your card decks a presentable & professional look. Give your playing card a distinctive, attractive, & appealing look by acquiring custom playing card boxes with window from us to make the inside cards clearly visible for customers. Protect your game cards from dirt, stains, and damage by procuring the top-notch packaging services of Custom Boxes Inc. that will help you to add a laminated sleeve on custom playing card boxes that converts. Create a positive vibe of the benefits of playing with cards in customers’ minds by designing custom playing card boxes in two-piece style by getting our assistance for giving customers a pleasing unboxing experience. Choose these boxes always give you benefits in terms of financially and psychologically due to their elegant, fascinating yet adorable and superior look & feel that give the impression of quality. Considering cunningly engineered tuck boxes that work best for your business to protect your playing cards from external damages. The collectability of custom designed playing card boxes we deliver to you helps you to sell the playing cards and brings your potential customers delight to a brand's loyal customers.

    Playing card boxes can be made from single-layer cardstock or multi-layer rigid. Cardstock is usually thinner, which allows colors to show vibrantly as well as protect the deck cards from human hampering & weather hampering. While non-bendable rigid is more suited to keep playing cards from bending, folded, or warped. It can also double as a gift box as the print colors are more subdued.

    The heat, moisture, dust, dirt, and shocks are likely to affect the packaged playing cards. Therefore, utilizing durable stocks and pretentious finishes to produce custom playing card boxes is a great idea to not only keep the poker cards in their original form longer but also make them look more presentable. The laminated interior of custom playing card boxes you use to keep your game cards ensures the inside cards are free from outside odors, damaging oxygen, and unwanted scratches that may affect the playing card printing. In addition to protecting cards from external damages like rubbing, drink spills, and scrapes, consider these boxes that play a significant role in brand recall. You can print your logo inside and out and use your brand colors for cohesive marketing. Custom printed playing card boxes from Custom Boxes Inc. are the perfect way to showcase your playing cards in front of tons of customers. Our custom design process allows you to choose from standard-size tuck boxes that fit whatever number of cards you have per deck or create a custom rigid box for holding 2 to 4 card decks. Choice is yours! We allow you to make your playing card boxes handy that give you the ease of placing them anywhere. With the help of our seasoned printing specialists, print your custom playing card boxes with high-definition colors schemes to give inside cards a premium look. With the assistance of our die-cut technology, customize your signature playing card boxes in precise sizes and styles to keep your game cards in chronological order. Reveal your inner creativity with the help of our designers and push the limits by developing innovative packaging designs based on your brand personality. We also let you have wholesale custom tuck top playing card boxes in your preferred and desirable eye-catching colors, sizes, and shapes that will surely upsurge convenience to present 2 to 4 card decks to clients elegantly. The playing card boxes you created with us are bespoke in terms of their visual design that add a further attractive and decorative touch to inside playing cards. Have a toy shop or retail store that sells playing cards and wants to upsurge brand identity? Manufacture well-designed custom playing card boxes with the help of our packaging experts that manage everything to take your brand to the lead.

    Induce Glam to Playing Cards Through Multipurpose Custom Printed Playing Card Boxes That Captivate the Attention of Onlookers

    The importance of custom printed boxes for playing cards is inevitable as it is the first thing customers see, and by making the extra effort, you’ll stay in customers’ minds for longer. Stupefying images printed on custom playing card boxes help to entice the onlookers into checking out your playing cards. Use of enticing colors, attractive images, and fascinating patterns on two-piece playing card boxes can add more charm to packaged game cards. Consider using these boxes for your playing cards to convey your brand message. The wear & tear while placing on shelves or drawers can make the playing cards lose their shape & printing quality but custom playing card boxes made from laminated paperboard prove to be beneficial packaging in these scenarios as they keep the cards in an organized manner as well as prevent dust, moist or grime stay away. Say goodbye to dirty or warping game cards with these playing card boxes that protect your playing cards from damages such as dents from drops, scrapes, rubbing as well as drink spills. Also, the box design is supposed to fit the playing cards perfectly without getting any harm to them. You can also customize the dimension and colors of playing card boxes as per your requirements. Make us your packaging partner to create customized playing card boxes exactly as per your requirements and specifications.

    Embrace the flexibility and release your creativity with Custom Boxes Inc. We are prestigious in the packaging industry due to our intact capabilities, attentive customer services, enthusiasm to serve customers’ best, and commitment to deliver perfection! With us, find error-free custom printed boxes and top-notch packaging solutions that meet your product & industry-related needs. We believe in client satisfaction, thus always striving to meet your demands and help you succeed. Enjoy our custom printing services to customize your playing card boxes for optimum brand identity and recognition. While working with us, get tailored one-on-one consultation from ideation to production to get through initial design to delivery without any hassle. Assemble personalized playing card boxes with the help of our expert curators to bestow luxury & eclipse your standard playing cards. If you want your brand will be preached, then get your specialized playing card boxes designed under the supervision of our eclectic designers to boost sales volumes. Develop a design with the help of these prolific designers to deliver your game cards with great perfection. Also, we use remarkable color schemes to match the color of the playing cards and fascinating packaging designs that make your game cards and brands stand out among many other companies. When you custom-print your packaging boxes professionally with our assistance, you’ll love how it levels up your image. With our top-notch packaging expertise, producing innovative boxes for your playing cards is such a breeze work that emerges market trends. Apart from marketing, the custom playing card boxes you designed with us are perfect to place 52 to 54 playing cards in them. With our help, find the finest quality packaging material that is loved by your customers. We also have a proper testing channel to check the strength of the material. Our die-cutting experts are here for your indulgence. So, the cardboard playing card boxes we designed for you are stiff and can be die-cut to acquire any shape & style and customized into any size according to your desired number of card decks. Playing cards are classified according to who they should be played to remove boredom or recreational purposes and to whom they present as a gift. All these are to be thought of by our creative packaging experts when creating custom playing card boxes for you that change the entire persona of your business. Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

    You need personalized playing card mailer boxes, playing card display boxes, Kraft playing card boxes, or playing card retail boxes! Go big, go small, or somewhere in the middle! It won’t be a problem with us to get custom playing card boxes in any size or order in any quantity of your demand. Or you need them! Long–Short or Small–Large…it’s all OK. We make everything to order. Let us know what you need.

    Customize the dimensions of your boxes accordingly to satisfy your business goals efficaciously. With us, get various add-on options like window cut styles for playing card boxes that will allow customers to have a clear look, actively engage, and give them a happy feeling. Our custom window designs can come in many shapes and sizes as well, it all depends on how you want to showcase your card deck and make it stand out. Worrying about the printing quality of boxes? Buoy up as we establish a quality check department where our expert quality assurance agents determine whether every box passes quality standards to ensure consistency and quality control in the box production process. Continuous quality checks and process improvements are also done to ensure you will find the exact customized playing card boxes that lead you towards success.

    Get in touch with us today and we’ll get the process started. From design through assembly, we provide you a full suite of custom packaging solutions. Done with the production! Enjoy free shipping from all over the USA without spending a single penny. Have concerns about the box order quantity? Contact us now at 1 888-502-2209 or email at to finalize the box order quantity.

      Great Packaging company having seasoned sales reps with a wide skillset. They were always polite when requesting a custom order and deliver such packaging boxes with highest visual effects that help us in branding products in retail environment. During the first sales pitch, they were extremely knowledgeable. We look forward to a long working relationship with them.  

    Bill Holmes

      Absolutely perfect, easy to order, quality is outstanding, very fast delivery! The boxes they deliver to us are top-notch in quality and increase product attractiveness, thus, elevate overall sale volumes. Thank you!  

    Darren James

      They are fast, reliable, and amazing by delivering custom designed boxes either it’s something new or different. I can count on them to deliver my desired packaging boxes on time that creates strong visual connection between consumers and us! Thank You!  

    Pam Claire

      Working with them for the last many years. Always find really quick response & they deliver excellent customer service every time and their packaging boxes always augment interest of potential customers. Thank you for being the one who is always there when we need them.  

    Tom Gabrielle

      Thank you for delivering a fantastic job in anticipating and fulfilling my product marketing & protection needs. This company always prove their professionalism, creativity, and marketing skills by delivering high-quality customized boxes offering magnetized presentation that communicate brand messaging at a glance. I look forward to working with you and your company on future needs.  

    Christiana Dayana

      Quick response, Prompt delivery, and high quality boxes that offer visual aesthetics to create consumers’ interest & trust at a good price. Really happy with the end results that always convert and their top-notch additional perks. Highly recommended!  

    Matt Hershel

    Create Customized Playing Card Boxes — Wholesale Playing Card Packaging Boxes with Logo

    To induce glamour & charisma, made them in custom shapes to boost cohesive branding, personalized them in idiosyncratic styles to upsurge convenience in handling Playing Card, customized them in precise sizes for better organize of inside products, and get sturdy material to prevent damages. For attractive & attention-grabbing appearance, apply pretentious finishing on these custom designed boxes to grab customers’ attention from afar, and for a spellbinding presentation, print them with primo artwork, themes, & patterns to take your brand to the next level. All are available in our “Design Library” to choose from.

    Explore this Library to find all the desired customization choices from stock thickness to layouts to design your specialized custom Playing Card boxes in required sizes that best fit the product inside.

    Design Library


    Select from Kraft–Cardboard
    to prevents the products from being damaged.


    Pick from Tuck-Top–Tuck-End
    to provide ease in filling & accessing products.


    Choose from Rectangular–Square
    to slay competition in the marketplace


    Find in Best Fitted Sizes
    to restricts movement of inside products.


    Opt from various finishing choices
    to get subtle–sleek or bold–catchy product’s appearance.


    Explore gamut of design templates
    to create & demonstrate brand identity.
    No! Our prices are competitive and fair as there are no surprise charges. Work with our knowledgeable reps to create such custom printed boxes at the most competitive pricing that fulfill your all packaging needs with a grandeur. They offer you final wholesale price of these packaging boxes at the time of initial quotation and rest assured to pay only what we agreed. However, any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you at initial stages. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how our clients are treated.
    Depending on your order type and quantity, turnaround time may be varying. We specialize in offering custom boxes made to the specifications, on your time! All of our departments collaborate and follow rigorous documentation procedures to create & deliver your customized packaging boxes in a given lead time. Our standard lead time is about 10–14 days, however, if you need them in hurry then our expedited shipping option is worth the cost to choose. You can even track your shipment at any given time that gives you peace of mind, knowing the urgent shipment is on track.
    Yes, we are available for your help regarding designing of customized boxes with a subtle, sleek, & ritzy appearance. Either you want to redesign your company logos that represent your brand aesthetic, co-create your existing box design with modish & ubiquitous looks, or want to design a new one with a bit of creativity, find all here without paying extra. At first, we consider your target market, retail and competitive environment, product functionality, brand personality, and, of course, budget & timing to present design ideas that meet all your products’ presentation & branding goals. Then, we help you to convey your brand message through catchy images, artistic design elements, and text-based credentials placed rightly on your desired packaging boxes that truly appeal to customers.
    With us, enjoy free additional perks including top-notch design consultancy to get guidelines regarding modish design ideas, printing details, visual graphics, & 3D digital proof or physical prototype to validate your box design, and expedite shipping to get them in original form at doorstep with fastest turnaround. Along with that, get our endless customization possibilities & top-notch packaging services to create innovative & trailblazing custom designed boxes with all the seamless features of your desire.
    From the sourcing of raw material to manufacturing packaging boxes for customers to delivering them at their doorsteps, all our procedures are in favor of Environment. For this, we eliminate the use of such chemicals and printing inks that are considered suspected or hazardous to create & print sustainable packaging boxes that have minimal environmental impact & footprint. Made as per the criteria of Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), we reduce water wastage, minimize reliance on fossil fuels, eliminate material waste, and use only such material that is certified from FSC and SFI! All of these breakthrough procedures are considered strictly to manufacture these packaging boxes to build a positive eco-friendly image as well as provide supreme durability without compromise. Not only these boxes will express your ecological efforts but also enhances brand awareness that offers fantastic PR opportunities associated with minimal environmental impact.
    With the Custom Boxes Inc., there is no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) means you can order as much quantity of customized boxes as you required for your business. Our technology is made for small run or large run packaging boxes that enable us to offer wholesale prices to our customers without compromising on quality. Either you want to get as little as 50 custom branded boxes for promotional events, 100–5000 custom designed boxes for your newly launched business to upwards of 10000–50000 custom printed boxes with an extra touch of glam & charm to connect with global customers emotionally. While working with us, order custom designed packaging boxes in no minimum order quantity as well as pick the box style & shape to appeal visually to your target market, personalize their sizes to stop products from getting jostled or scuffed, select material to get robustness, choose processing time to find your chosen quantity boxes at minimum turnaround.
    As a manufacturer — wholesale box packaging company, we always take pride to pass on special discounts to our customers by selling directly. As being accredited of end-to-end wholesale box provider by the reseller/stockist, design agencies, and graphic designers, we offer custom printed boxes and personalized packaging solutions made as per their specifications at competitive prices in required quantity & within time they prescribed. Whether you need 5000 or 50,000 boxes, Custom Boxes Inc. is a solution to get them in your desired quantity and at a minimum price. No matter how bulk your order is, our in-house printing press & die-cut machines are made for handling large run custom printed boxes orders at first shift that not only reduces cost of each box but also saves time without affecting the quality.
    Yes! As a prestigious packaging supplier, we offer our customers blank boxes in precise sizes that not only provide prodigious storage capacity but also snuggly fit your products to restrict their movement. Our experienced die-cutters, savvy engineers, and talented designers collaborate each other and by utilizing up-to-the-mark technology, tools, & machines create a malleable box style that is hardy, sturdy, & secure and can be easily customized according to product size to minimize empty space and get void-fill solution that prevents products from shifting, bruising, or breaking throughout transit.
    With us, rest assured about your information security as we take strict measures to prevent data breaches. Our website is encrypted with SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) certificate and comply with PCI DSS standards to ensure a secure customer experience. We minimize data collection, store necessary data and encrypt it before storing in up-to-date firewall-protected servers. We prevent unauthorized access to any collected information by regularly conducting a privacy audit. We never sell or share customers’ data, their private account information, and visitors’ insights with any third party except the ones you opt for in our cookie consent form.
    Being a prestigious company operating all over the USA and dealing with various industries, we accept all globally recognized payment mediums like American Express, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, & PayPal.

    Choose Custom Boxes Inc. — The Powerhouse of Offering Custom Printed Playing Card Boxes & Personalized Packaging Solutions That Cater All Your Product & Industry Related Needs

    As one of the USA leading custom box manufacturer, we make it simple for businesses of all sizes to design & order custom printed Playing Card boxes that can turn their brand into total package with full customization, instant quoting & fast turnarounds — at affordable prices. With hi-tech litho–flexo machines, CMYK–PMS techniques, non-reactive inks, sophisticated die-cut methods, and up-to-mark adhesion approaches, we have become the first choice of Thousands of Small–Large Businesses for designing their Playing Card boxes with personalized printing–finishing options that enhance their brand contrivance, upsurge brand identity, & foster loyalty. With our attentive customer services & design consultancy, you will rest assured to get such custom printed boxes that fulfill your all industry-specific needs.

    Your Asked Ideas, Our Top-Notch Designing Consultancy — This is How We Create Perfect Custom Designed Playing Card Boxes for You

    Being the first choice to small–large businesses for the last 10 years, rest assured you are working with a prestigious packaging company that will provide you error-free custom printed boxes and top-notch packaging solutions to fulfill all your marketing, branding, convenience, & safety needs, with a grandeur. With a history that long, you will be proud to work with as we firstly understand your industry-specific & product packaging needs to the very smallest detail then walk through from ideation to production, so, you will get the truly remarkable custom designed Playing Card boxes that create an unforgettable impact on the customers. No matter whether your Playing Card presentation, branding, & protection needs are simple or complex, chances are our prolific designer team has already created something similar and knows exactly what packaging features are required to make attention-grabbing customized Playing Card packaging boxes according to your specifications that make an ideal advertising tool for your products. Just describe your requirements with us and create a ready-to-print box design made by 3D design tool to ensure your prescribed graphic elements of images, themes, textures or illustrations are in right place and made with bright colors & fonts that enhance the overall aesthetics of inside products.

    We learned through decade of experience that creating perfect customized Playing Card boxes for you requires hi-tech designing, printing, & die-cut machinery, modern approaches & techniques, and experience of seasoned veterans to give them an astonishing appearance that attracts, engages, and converts passerby. For maximizing familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of consumers, join hands with us as we design an innovative 3D design tool for scaling your designs to new levels of customization & creativity to ensure your branding is being preached. For assuring what you’re getting, we send you physical prototyping to validate the shapes & styles of your desired boxes to check their durability of preserving embedded tactile qualities of Playing Card . To make a memorable impression on your consumers, create your printed boxes with the help of our hi-tech printing machines to get high quality visual aesthetics with decent tonal depth to enhance the overall outlook that helps you create a unique and attention-grabbing business profile. To shape the perception of a brand in stakeholders’ minds, use our futuristic die-cut technology to unlock new doors of innovation and die-cut custom Playing Card boxes in right dimension to get the required shapes & styles that foster competitive advantage over competitors. Utilize our top-notch expertise, modern techniques, up-to-the-mark methods, and sophisticated processes to make your custom designed Playing Card boxes structurally sound that enhance protection of inside products, tear-resistant that prevent products from damages, easy to assemble that geared up for both machines & hand filling. Show trust in our seasoned professionals that are trained & certified from various renowned institutions — vigilant of deadlines, and committed to exceeding your expectations — who work with you from ideation to production to make your boxes truly yours that constantly manage everything to influence your positioning. To set market trends, get their one-on-one consultation from initial design to delivery to produce such customized boxes that take you to the top of the table without any hassle. Count on us for a fast turnaround to get these Playing Card boxes within the time we prescribed, innovative design ideas that make a memorable impression on consumers, and free additional perks from free designing–shipping that ultimately feels like we’re your own employees, not a provider.

    Trust-Worthy & Experienced Provider

    We have been around since 2010, a respected & prestigious leader in the packaging industry. Let us your packaging partner to get error-free custom printed Playing Card boxes that communicate your brand message among the masses. Acquire personalized packaging solutions that ultimately lead to brand credibility. Enjoy free design consultation to make changes in existing design or create a new design with strong and consistent branding to emotionally attach customers to your brand. With the help of our project managers, handle every detail from quoting to designing–printing to ensure your project will be completed on time & within set prices. Serving more than 5000+ small–larger businesses of all sizes, put your trust in us as we are your helping hand in launching new business successfully & building a concise brand personality that stands the test of time.

    Designing from Inception & Printing to Perfection

    Choose Custom Boxes Inc. that always takes pride in offering high quality custom printed Playing Card boxes that fulfill all your industry-specific needs. Our stringent procedure starts from listening to all your marketing, branding, or safety needs, then converting your design idea into meticulously designed custom boxes that inspire more & more customers. With our help, conduct proper research to understand the trends & competitors’ strategies and then compare it with your requirements to manufacture unique and one-of-a-kind Playing Card packaging boxes that attract. Get the assistance of our trailblazing engineers and packaging specialist to create sensational customized boxes with all the required personalized elements of your choice, and print them with voguish design elements in the right color schemes that don’t blur or smudge and play a key role in promoting your brand. With such high quality printing results on packaging boxes on hands lead to build long-term relationships between you and your consumers.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Quality is a word we use often. But here, we mean it by listening to your requirements and then manufacturing worth-noticing personalized Playing Card boxes for you to display luminously that create a strong brand image and provide ease in assembling & filling. At the Custom Boxes Inc., each project — large or small — is checked by quality controllers who by using their expertise & knowledge ensure you get the same quality with high precision that works only for your business to compete on-shelf.

    Superlative Designing & Printing

    We have a team of down-to-earth designers and printing specialists to provide you with the trendiest designing & printing services to get branded Playing Card packaging that utterly improves your brand recognition & value. With our US-based state-of-the-art printing press and seasoned designers, we make it easy for you to design & print these boxes with a professional look & feel that converts.

    World-Class Expertise

    With our in-house manufacturing and tremendously quality printing & designing services, put forth noticeability & attractiveness in your custom printed Playing Card boxes that make your products look more appealing to the eyes. To create a picturesque display of Playing Card , let the help of our printing specialists who are certified and regularly trained in essence to print riveting artwork & captivating patterns in mesmerizing color schemes on them that become an extension of your company to facilitate success.

    Comprehensive Project Management

    Custom Boxes Inc. lets you start with premade templates and walks with you through selecting or uploading artwork, choosing the sizes, materials, and any special add-ons or finishes to create your custom designed Playing Card boxes that complement your Playing Card inside. Our extensive experience managing all types of your complex packaging projects means we will handle every detail and put everything you demand within the budget you prescribed.