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    Here at Custom Boxes Inc., we guarantee to deliver 100% customized packaging and top-notch printing service for any type & size of businesses to fulfill their product’s presentation, branding, convenience, information transmission, & protection needs. Get personalized packaging product boxes, blank boxes, marketing cards printing, and customized paper bags from us within your budget. Contact us on xxx-xxx-xxxx to know more about our quality services.

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    You should understand your responsibility of providing us with your complete, correct and updated information when your place your orders with us. Do not access our website through robots or by any other automated means. We reserve the right to prosecute against any kind of fraudulent activity on our website or any kind of violation of the terms of services.

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    For accessing some parts of our websites, the users are required to create their e-mail registrations and their names along with the passwords. This will allow the future access to the areas of our website that is protected by passwords. We have the right to ask you for additional personal and business information before registering your account with us.

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    You will also defend, indemnify and remain harmless to our company in case of any kind of loss, damage, cost or expenses which might arise from the claim which includes without any limitations (a) defending us in case of any such claim (b) payment of any reward or judgment (c) and reimbursing us the fees or expenses which might incur as a result of it.

    Custom Boxes Inc. which includes all its contractors, vendors, representatives, employees, subcontractors, affiliates, suppliers and directors, will not be responsible for any damage, loss, injury, death, accident, delay, or any type of punitive, accidental, or consequential damage of any sorts, under any kind of circumstances. No matter the damage or loss or contract or otherwise resulted in connection with any kind of use of our website or of any kind of information, data, procedures, software, services or products which are gathered through our website, even if the party has already been advised about the possibility of such kind of damages.

    In any case, Custom Boxes Inc. will not be responsible for the any kind of losses, damages, or causes of any kind of actions, whether they arise due to your negligence or otherwise, of this agreement or your usage of our website exceed the amount of payment you have paid for your order or request.

    Policy of Return and Refund

    Our products are customized in nature. Therefore, if you do not get your ordered products according to your specifications or you find them defective after the delivery, you need to inform Custom Boxes Inc. within 3 days after the delivery of the order. We do not have a policy of refund, but we will reprint your order if we find it defective or if we have made any kind of error in printing. The defect will be defect and the extent of defect will be determined by our management. If you want to get your order reprinted, then you need to provide us with the digital photos of your order which documents the defects in products. The products will be returned in full quantity at your expense within the 7 working days after the delivery of the original order. The Charges of expedite order processing are not refundable.

    Payments, placement of order and its cancellation

    All the prices displayed on our website are in US$ and you are required to make the payment in US $. As the products and services we provide you have a custom nature, we do not proceed with the manufacturing and printing of your order until and unless you provide us with a complete payment through the credit card or any of the prescribed payment methods mentioned on our website. This payment includes the price of the order, taxes, shipping, delivery and handling charges.

    After you place the order, we send the digital proof (hard copy or electronic file) of the ordered design to the users and customers of our products and services they have ordered, for approval. After the approval of the proof by the customer, we send the order for printing. Once the order has been approved by the customer and send to the press for printing, we do not allow to make any kind of changes in the provided artwork, specifications of job or the turnaround time of printing. We provide a limited 4 hours time to you for cancellation after the approval of the proof. In case of this cancellation, you will be charged $25 along with 5% of deduction from the total payment of the order. You can also cancel the orders beyond the time limit of 24 hours but then we will deduct 50% from your total payment in order to cover up the prep and financial costs of the company incurred due to cancellation. We do not provide you with a complete guarantee of order cancellation after 24 hours time limit.

    Designing orders

    Custom Boxes Inc. does not provide any kind of refunds or credits for any of the designing services orders. Once you place the design orders, they are final and non-refundable.

    Policy of Sales Tax

    We apply sales tax on the orders that are placed from the state of Texas. If you are exempted from tax, then kindly provide us with your tax exempt certificate when you place your order with us.

    Artworks /Design files submitted by customers

    The artworks/ designs provided by the customers are converted into hard copies or electronic copies by our designers and technicians. It is our requirement that the art work or deign file submitted by you must be 300 dpi resolution and in format of CMYK. If your files do not fulfill this criteria, we will not be responsible for any kind of blurred, distorted, discolored, pixilated images which might result from the conversion to CMYK format.

    You are solely responsible for accuracy and precision associated with your artwork/ design file which is ready for print and send to us. We will not be responsible or liable for any kind of loss or damage to your artwork or print files.

    When you submit any artwork file to our website, you agree to that you are the lawful and authorized owner of all the material you are uploading or you have the appropriate rights to make use of that material.

    We reserve the right to refuse or not to take up any order if we feel that it’s unlawful or infringing the rights of any third party. You are fully responsible for any kind of material or content that is printed on your behalf under your provided instructions. We also reserve the right of refusing any order without disclosing the reason of refusal. Also note that we do not print any kind of offensive, derogatory, indecent or unethical material.

    Accuracy of colors and proof approval

    You are required to provide us with the final approval of the proof that we send you. Otherwise your order will not be send for printing. Thus, you should log into your account to check the proof for final approval. Our company will not be responsible for any kind of delays in the processing or order which results from the delay in the approval of the proof. Also make a note that the turnaround time, which is mentioned on our website starts after you approve the proof.

    It is advised to thoroughly review your proof before final approval. You should comprehensively check it by comparing it with the original file for checking any possible errors of layout, spacing, image placement, punctuation, spellings, bleeds, crops and its text. There is no transparency of the electronic proof on the issues of print or color changing from Pantone or RGB to CMYK. Kindly make a note that the final lamination and the UV coating can cause changes in the appearance of the final printed colors. Our company will not be responsible for any kind color changes due to lamination.

    Customer is completely liable for whatever is contained in the final proof

    We try our best to bring the colors as close as possible to the submitted proof but it cannot be done 100% to match the colors and density of the electronic proof. We do not provide the precision of the color reproduction because of some inherent limitations in the process of printing and the ink requirements of the image. So when you place an order with us, you totally agree to this limitation. Though we place our best efforts to provide you with the exact color gradient density but we are not responsible for variations in colors in the final proof and the printed version or the artwork or the product on which it is printed. The reprint as a result of color variations will not be provided under any kind of conditions. We are not responsible for matching the color and ink density for screen proofs approved by you however we provide a guarantee of accuracy of color in case you provide us the proof in hard copy. Kindly note, that the cost of hard copy proof will be little higher.

    Not responsible for any kind of errors

    Custom Boxes Inc. is not responsible for any kind of errors that occur in the final orders due to the following reasons; Die Lines, Crop Marks Misspelling and Grammar, Damaged Fonts Graphics, Bleeds, Punctuation, Wrong, Incorrect or Missing Folds, Cracks on Folds Overprint Finished Product Size Gang Printing. We do not make use of gang printing for majority of our products. Sometimes, based on the requirements of the customers and individual users of our website, we might make use of a printing technique that suits best to the particular item or items printing.

    Over runs and under runs

    Usually, we deliver you the exact ordered quantity of the products along with few additional pieces. We do not charge you anything for the additional prints. In case of under run, we will only bill you for the quantity that is delivered to you. Our company follows the general accepted practice of trade for delivering plus or minus 5% of the total ordered quantity.

    Speed of production, shipping and delivery of your orders

    The process of production and the turnaround time of printing starts right after the approval of the final proof by you, complete payment of the required amount including the taxes, shipping and handling charges. When you place the order with us, you can also select the speed of production which shows the required number of days for processing and printing your order and then the turnaround time for sending it to the shipping company for delivery. You should send the proof approval before 10AM Central Standard Time.

    We try our best to process and ship your order within the given time frame. Custom Boxes Inc. will not be responsible for any kind of consequential damage or delay in your order as a result of delay in shipment or delivery, under any conditions. You also agree not to hold our company responsible for any kind of delay or damage which might result from the bad weather, delay by the shipment company, or any other kind of issues beyond our control. In case the delay occurs due to the problems in the printing equipment during the process of printing, we will refund your expedite delivery charges but you cannot cancel the orders due to such delays.

    You are liable for paying all kinds of dues, taxes, and duties that are levied on products that are shipped to various locations. The customer is responsible for any kind of custom clearance if the order is placed from anywhere outside the U.S.

    Custom Boxes Inc. provides with a 10-12 business days plan for standard shipment while 6-8 business days plan for expedite shipment with an addition of 2-3 business days in case of ground shipment to any of the ONE Location each order within the U.S. without any restrictions of weight or quantity. Extra charges will be applied for shipping to other destinations. We do not provide any kind of guarantee for the shipping and transit timings and we are also not liable for any kind of delay, loss, damage, or theft of the printed products during their shipment and delivery.

    You can file the loss or damage claims for shipment after the 6 business days from the date of shipment. If you give us an incomplete or incorrect shipment address, we will charge you extra for the re-shipment and handling.

    Changes in the terms and conditions

    Custom Boxes Inc. reserves the complete right of making any kind of amendments or changes in the Terms and Condition policy of the company from time to time without any kind of prior notice to the users and customers of our website. Such changes will be instantly posted and will become a part of our website, so by using our website, you abide and agree to the changes which might be made to the Terms and Conditions of our website.